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Cordless Endodontic Motor


  • Patented ART Motion
  • 360-degree rotation Contra Angle
  • Global standard Swiss-made motor
  • Extra batteries(2EA) of high-quality
  • User-friendly design

Available only in Latin America, excluding Mexico


Electric Shock Protection: Class 1 Equipment – Internal power supply type/ Type BF Applied (contra angle)

Waterproof rating: IPXO

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

AC/DC Adapter

  • Input Voltage: 100~240V, 50~60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 9.0Vdc
  • Output Current: 2.0A

Motor Handpiece

  • Speed Range: 100~1,000RPM
  • Torque Range: 1.0~4.0Ncm
  • Rated Input: 3.7Vdc / 800mAh (Lithium-ion-battery)
  • Dimensions: 202 X 28 X 28mm (including battery,contra angle)
  • Weight: 130g (including battery, contra angle)
  • Operation Mode: Continuous operation

Patented high-performance ART Motion that increases file fracture resistance by 25% and more

ART Motion is a new concept of motor control that reduces the load on the file and the root canal by dividing the forces into multiple procedures, like refining jewelry.

EQ-M with ART Motion will let your clinic have competitiveness and enhance patient satisfaction overwhelmingly


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