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Meta P&Bond

5th Generation Bonding System


  • Superior bonding strength
  • 5th generation adhesive
  • One-step priming and bonding
  • Ethanol base adhesive
  • Wet bonding type
  • Bonding for direct composite
  • Bonding for porcelain, composite, metal repair, set amalgam, post
  • Bonding for porcelain veneer
  • Bonding for amalgam and indirect bonding procedures with Metacem adhesive resin cement
  • Meta P&Bond 5g
  • Micro brush 10EA

Bis-GMA, PMGDM, 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate, Ethyl alcohol

  • Dentin shear bonding strength 10.75MPa
  • Enamel shear bonding strength 30.76MPa

Two years from the production date

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