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Endodontic Micro Motor


  • Powerful Performance with Long-lasting Battery

    – Stable Rotation: 250~800RPM (16:1)
    – Torque: 0.6~6.4 NCM
    – 10hrs of working time (2200mAh)
    – Swiss Micro Motor

  • Ergonomically Designed Body with Small Headed, Durable, Chemically Resistant Contra-Angle

    – Remains intact after 1 week of immersion in Cavicide

  • Torque Auto-Reverse, Auto Forward, Reciprocation

  • Memory Functions

    – Memo 1 ~ 9
    – Memorizing RPM, Torque, Reverse Function, Rotation Direction

  • 1 Control Unit
  • 1 Handpiece
  • 1 Contra-Angle
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • Auto-Reverse

    When the preset torque is reached[1], the handpiece drive runs in an anti-clockwise direction[2], freeing the file. The drive then stops[3].

  • Auto-Forward

    When the preset torque is reached in Auto-Forward mode[1], the file automatically turns in the opposite direction[2], freeing the file, then continues rotating in a clockwise direction[3]

  • Reciprocation

    Forward & reverse reciprocation

Control Unit

  • Torque range

    0.6~6.4Ncm (Gear Ratio 16:1)

  • Speed range

    250~800rpm (Gear Ratio 16:1)

  • Rated input

    7.2V, 1.2A

  • Dimensions

    W110mm x D134mm x H116.5mm

  • Weight


  • Protection type and level against electric shock

    Type B applied part, Internally powered equipment

AC adapter

  • Input voltage

    100-240V~, 50Hz/60Hz

  • Output voltage


  • Output current


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