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Cordless Root Canal Irrigant Activator

EQ-S is the most efficient 3D irrigation solution activator available. Its multi-directional active-flow technology strongly and quickly sends irrigant throughout the canal, allowing you to safely and effectively disinfect the canal.


  • Active Flow Technology – Indentations along the tip, combined with a counter-clockwise motion, ensures 3D Active Flow. The unique shape and design of the EQ-S tip create stronger force, which enhances irrigant flow in small canals.
  • Powerful Cleaning – Using EQ-S with MD-Cleanser ensures better cleaning and disinfection
  • Active Flow Polymer Tip
    • Less pressure to the apical foramen
    • Easier access to curved canals
    • Perfect interaction with irrigant
    • Color-coded


  • Dimensions

    W24 x H25 x L183 (including tip)

  • Weight


  • Battery

    1.5V Alkaline (AA)

  • Operating Time

    9 hour (continuous operation)

“EQ-S is an innovative device – it is versatile, easy-to-use clinically, and offers something that had not previously been seen in a sonic device. The multidirectional movement of the tip causes more fluid dynamics creating a continuous wave with better cleaning, disinfection and removal of the smear layer. I use high power for irrigation or removing calcium hydroxide and low power for spreading bioceramic sealer before placing the master cone.”
Dr. Johnny Onori, DDS, M.Sc. 


“My clinical feeling of EQ-S as a multidirectional sonic device and the novel design of the activating tips, when working inside of the root canal is quite good. It is a useful clinical tool for moving medicaments, for spreading bioceramic sealers inside of the root canal prior to placing the master cone and for cements prior to the placing fiber posts.”
Dr. Jenner Argueta, DDS M.Sc.


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