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Controlled Memory File


  • The series 10 instruments are available in
    Stainless Steel or Nickel Titanium
  • Offered with the Standard handles or the
    unique D&S dual-purpose handle
  • GL153 is most effective when using constant
    downward pressure and a reciprocating motion
    with engine or by hand
  • Made in the USA
  • Reduced breakage with minimal separation in torsion
  • Flute design results in significantly reduced screw effect
  • No elastic limits are exceeded
  • Alternating tapers reduce taper lock commonly found with rotary file systems

Significant Resistance. Unlimited Flexibility.

The GL153’s strengthened composition and rounded cross-section help to create a smooth, efficient path without risk of damaging tooth structure or file separation.

Proprietary Thermomechanical
Treatment of Controlled Memory Wire

Manufacturing methods can have a significant effect on fatigue and torsional resistance. In an independent scientific study, the controlled memory wire used in manufacturing the GL153 Safe10 Series was found to significantly increase the number of cycles before failure compared to other files on the market.

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