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Aurum Blue

Aurum Blue

Controlled Memory File


  • Unique Manufacturing Process
    • Due to the unique heat and surface treatment during manufacturing, Aurum Blue files offer maximum flexibility without compromising strength
  • Super flexible alloy
    • Significantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of a canal
  • Bendability
    • Easier access to a canal orifice
  • Electro-polishing surface treatment
  • Shape recovery
    • Heat treatment during manufacturing allows for shape recovery during autoclaving
  • Cross-section, efficient and safe



  • Working Time: 150-220 min
  • Water sorption, solubility: 16.5/2.3μg/mm2
  • Setting Time: 4-5 min (Self-cure), 20-40 sec (Light-cure)
  • Radiopacity: Optical density was equivalent with optical density at 4.2mm aluminum step wedge
  • Flexural strength (light curing): 115.52 MPa
  • Shade and color stability: No change in color and identical to the shade guide.

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